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Fashionable Deal-Seekers Brave Bele Chere

I love a good festival. Maybe it has something to do with my impulsivity as I find it rather tempting to spend my well-earned dollars on turkey legs, 40 ounces of tropical liquor drinks, and those creepy life-size dolls that stand in the corner of the room like they’re in Time Out. Luckily, Minxies came downtown during Bele Chere and snagged up great deals at our sale. I’m sure they’ll love their cute outfits longer than I did my “invisible” dog. Here are a few I was able to capture amidst the mayhem.

Asheville: You have style!

When I first moved here in 2004, I thought the town would reek of patchuoli, dead heads, and bad art. But I was a very naive 18 year old then who called a very rural town in the triangle home. So elated was I to discover a town of real eccentricity. This town helped me move out of my dickies-and-anything-crazy-I-could-find-at the-goodwill phase to my refined but still heavily vintage inspired look today.

As we all know, if we read the Mountain Xpress, the indy paper has donned a new street style blog within the last year. If you’ve looked at it in the last week, you may have spotted two of our shoppers!


Disregard your older sister’s advice to steer clear of the double-denim, other wise known as the “Texas Tuxedo” look! I totally dig denim on denim and this Minxie did a great job of balancing the material with pops of color and dressing it up with an ankle boot.


This gal is too cute! With her petite frame, she can pull of this Glam shift dress multiple ways: with jeans, as a mini,ย  or even belted with a denim skirt. Best of all, this dress is a steal for $10 on the West Asheville Minx Sale Rack. With such a bright yellow, Brandelyn did a great job of addingย  multiple subtle textures to the dress to tone it down a bit.

So girls, take heed! There couldn’t be an Asheville street style blog without a little bit of Minx! I’ve realized in the last 5 years that I’m blessed to live in a place where fashion is synonomous with experimentation.

Stay tuned as I jump into the world of “Face Hunting,” documenting some of the flyest Ashevillians on our blog in attempt to refute those who think we are just a bunch of hippies….

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Photos courtesy of Mountain X, Jonathan Welch