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Elisa Jimenez PopUp Fashion at Minx

Elisa Jimenez creates Spontaneous Couture

It’s a one-of-a-kind Minx fashion event!

Elisa Jimenez, interdisciplinary artist, mentor to local designer Brooke Priddy and contestant on the fourth season of Project Runway, will hold a pop-up show at Minx on Saturday, July 17, from noon-3pm.

If you missed her appearance at last night’s Push Fashion Show, here’s your chance to own one of her pieces, meet the designer and see fashion being created before your eyes!

“I’ll have ready-mades and one-of-a-kinds,” she says. “And I can do some spontaneous couture if people want it.”

See you there!

What we’re inspired by.

Joti – So many things this week. I really must say, as cheesy as it is… I am insanely inspired by my Asheville peers at the moment! Angi West – the beautiful songstress, “accidental” networker extraordinaire; Rebeccah – the supportive charismatic patron of fashion; Lydia See – feisty photo femme fatale; Brooke Priddy – Asheville’s finest creative self starter; Sarahbrown – our very own well spoken, super genuine rock star… and the list could really seriously go on forever!!! Thank you friends and peers for inspiring me everyday!

Echo Mtn. party hatchfest


Katie- I’ve had a very taxing couple of days- it seems like I’m constantly chasing my life around, trying to catch up with it. I have all these half- thought out ideas that I discard simply because they are half-brained. But when I found this on Tavi’s blog, the amazing 13 year old fashion blogger, I stopped to (over)analyze this wonderfully silly, but true poster. Tavi in general is a real inspiration, she’s my daily reminder that youth, creativity, and happiness are eternal. It doesn’t take a brave girl to experiment with her (and her mom’s) closet and create wild look, it takes a curious girl. It doesn’t take chutzpa to rock a fro-hat, it takes a sense of humor.

Letitia – Spring… have you finally sprung?  If the amount of time I spent in the yard today is any indication, the weather has finally taken a turn to true spring.  And not a moment too soon.  I know that Asheville is a rainy town but the weather has been a bit much lately.  As I spent the afternoon turning an overgrown bed of mint and ivy into a brand new bed of dirt waiting for new arrivals, I thought to myself, “Can I make this bed look as cheerful as the flower boxes in front of West Asheville Minx?”  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  Wishing there was a photo of the West Asheville Minx flower boxes to inspire you to get out in the dirt and plant something?  Sorry, Charlie… Guess you’ll just have to stop by and see for yourself!

Angi – with Hatchfest over and Joti covering most of the things that truly inspired/inspire me in that regard, I am gonna have to admit that I am really inspired by some new “best friend” filmmakers.  The spotlighted one in my heart, whose effortless beauty and fashion sense can’t be beat is Marianna Palka, the writer/director/actor of “Good Dick.”  And a shout out to the beautiful and refined Daphne Javitch, who costume designed this very movie.  Go find the movie and watch it!!!

A thank you note to Brooke Priddy

I have been sick with a 103 degree fever ever since the end of Hatchfest…. BUT I wanted to write briefly about how amazing and fun and… exhausting (I am such the classic introvert. Talking that much makes me sleepy… and a little cranky to be honest) Hatchfest was. For those of you who didn’t see any of the amazing panels or make any of the year’s best parties then… shame on you… make up for it next year.

But above and beyond the most impressive thing to me was all the hard work, determination, and good old fashioned elbow grease Brooke Priddy from Ship to Shore put into the fashion segment of Hatch Asheville. It was impressive to watch, and on many accounts one of the most successful elements of Hatch.

Thank you, Brooke, for all that you do!

Brooke Priddy