Spring Forward in Matisse Moccasins and Shades of Cream

Fashion Trends 2015: Layering of the Pale

This ensemble unfolds, layer upon delicate layer, like the smooth and breathtaking interior of a shell. Subtle shifts in pale hues create an esthetic that has a rounded depth impossible to achieve with a mixed color palate.

Minx-blog-1-28-15-136As well as building on the variations of shades of cream, we are helping to build depth with the variation of textures that we have chosen to incorporate within this look. The light tunic, almost a chiffon, is enveloped by the more substantial weight and texture of the sweater.

Texture is sometimes of the utmost of importance. Imagine if instead we layered two sheer fabrics, two weights of sweaters, or two jerseys. One would come up with such different outcomes! How a Minx layers fabrics will say a great deal about what a Minx is trying to convey within her look.

Again, this juxtaposition in textures brings to mind a seashell: the more durable outside protecting the delicate, more vulnerable interior.


 Spring 2015 Fashion Trends: How to be Grounded and Versatile

We paired our creamy tops with dove-grey Cielo jeans. The jeans ground the look and make it really wearable and versatile while still playing within the soft color palette.

This is a look that knows no boundaries. A Minx could move from home, to work, to errands, to a meeting, to dinner out, to a gallery, to cocktails without a second thought devoted to whether she is dressed appropriately for any of these situations!


 70s Fashion Trend Rising

Put your best foot forward for Spring with our Matisse Moccasins! The 70s trend is huge this season, and not in just one area of dress or inspiration. Across the board designers, stylist, and the public at large can simply not get enough of 1970’s inspired looks. Runways are filled with everything from hats, bohemian dresses, trousers with wider legs and bell bottoms, leather boots and moccasins.

We love the Matisse Moccasin to finish off this look. The light, radiant leather adds a warmth to the base of this outfit, yet stays within the pale glory of its subtle mission.

Matisse Moccasins

 Spring 2015 Trends: Highlight on Golden Jewelry

Delicate gold jewelry keeps topping our list of favorites this Spring. The slim lines and warm glow that yellow gold gives off adds a subtle, yet essential vitality to this look.


 Final Pop of Color

Creams are so beautiful partly because of how they interact with the colors around them. We added a pink lip which enhances the pinks tones within the cream of the tunic and sweater. A Minx really has endless options of how to play off a light pallet when it comes to makeup. A very small amount of green, gold or pink is always a win when it comes to cream!

Minx-blog-1-28-15-138Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Belted Button Down Tunic in Ivory – $44
Heavy Knit Open Cardi, Mo Vint – $104
Best Basic Cami, Nikibiki (in-store and online) – $22
Benchmark Necklace – $12
Sparkle Ring, Marcia Moran – $119
High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Cielo – $30
Wood Stock Booties, Matisse- $139

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images and Grace for modeling!



Latest Fashion Trends: Neon Pastels and Frye’s Fashion Sneakers

Spring Fashion Springing From Our Imaginations

Neon Peach Shift Dress

The sound of waves breaking against the sand is soft, yet all-encompassing. Seagulls swoop over you. You lay, eyes shut, stretched out on your towel. The smells of salt and suntan lotion always tickling at the edge of your thoughts.

It’s getting late. You check under the hip of your bikini bottom for how much sun you’ve gotten: white skin left over from your long winter hibernation is flanked by two strips of pink, un-sunscreened skin that couldn’t quite stay undercover during the day. The pink skin, in turn, is framed by the lovely brown expanse of your newly tanned body. Since your hips are beginning to look like Neapolitan ice cream you decide to call it a day.

After a shower outside and then another inside, and a quick nap on a wicker sofa that resembles your grandmothers handbag, you are ready to go out. You want to slip into something  that will transition you effortlessly from day to night. Something that is as much at home eating cotton candy on the boardwalk, as it is sipping cocktails on a moonlit patio. Something that is as playful and as sophisticated as you are.

Latest Fashion Trends: Spotlighting Neon Pastels Neon Peach Shift Dress

The Neon Punch Shift Dress has the delicate whimsy of pastels and the electric vibrancy of neon. When looking for key pieces for spring, many a minx will be wise to incorporate this frock into their spring wardrobe.

Peach, Neon, Shift Dress

Peach Pop Shift Dress

For such a little item of clothing this the Neon Punch Shift Dress has a lot to say! It is just as much a 1960’s shift dress as it is a 1990’s skater dress. This clean lined dress allows the wearer to move around freely. The simple and flattering silhouette likes to pop up from time to time throughout modern times, often when youth culture is ready to stand up and say something. When there is something worth saying a Minx wants to be able to move comfortably, to “shift” about as she makes her stand.

Neon Peach Shift Dress

The color is amazing. It retains that unattainable glow of sunrise and sunset. It is the love child of acidic sorbet and pastel sherbert. While the tailoring and lines are mod, the deep V of the neck, short sleeves, and the gorgeous keyhole back make it a softer and more feminine envisioning of the classic shift dress.

Neon Peach Shift Dress

Fashion Sneakers Brought To You By Frye

We paired this dress with a low top Frye sneaker. The black leather helps to nudge this look into a casual direction without loosing any of the sophistication. This shoe choice gives yet another nod to the skater look, but we think that this look would be equally as brilliant paired with a sandal.

Frye, Melanie, Low Top, Sneakers

Melanie Low Top Sneakers, Frye

Double Strand Necklace

We chose a delicate geometric double chain necklace to keep the look fun, fresh and on trend. The triangles create a nice geometric focal point on the neon pastel background, like a sailboat silhouetted against the setting sun. Now take sail Minxs: wear the sunset, be a sunrise. Stand up and shift!

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Peach Pop Shift Dress – $41
Paper Plane Necklace, Minx- $12
Melanie Low Top Sneakers, Frye- $137

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, Breigh for coming back to model!


Let’s Hear it for the Lumbersexual (and Sendra Boots too!)

You must have noticed that the number of flannel shirts and work boots worn outside of lumber camps has been on a steady rise.

To A Tee-Shirt A Minx pops into a cafe. She settles into a cozy corner with her Mocha and unfolds the crossword puzzle that she has been saving. Suddenly she realizes that Paul Bunyan has just walked through the door. But, no! It can’t be the real Paul Bunyan for everything that he is wearing: work boots, work jeans, flannel shirt, suspenders, knitted toboggan – all of it is clean and shiny and she notices that he has the softest of hands.

Then from across the coffee counter another Paul Bunyan look-alike has just come on shift. He puts an apron on over his flannel shirt and waves at a table across the cafe where three people are seated: all wearing flannel shirts and work boots!

This is not bring your Blue Ox Babe to work day. No, what this Minx is experiencing is a fashion trend that has spanned gender, sexual orientation and now several decades. A fashion trend known lovingly as the Lumber Sexual look.

2015 Fashion Trends: Making Them Your Own

Now, how can a Minx make this historical look her own? There are a variety of options whenever one is customizing a look. We recommend having fun!


Here we have incorporated the iconic oversized red and black plaid in the form of this oversized flannel shirt which we have styled as a duster. The shirt is worn open to frame the rest of the look, which is much edgier and darker, in a warm and playful glow.

Adding a Little Rock-n-Roll to Your Spring Outfits

The tight coated level 99 jeans almost look like leather. The coated denim has a really sexy shine to them which is great for nighttime and elevates the plaid to a rocker chic. Imagine Little Red Riding Hood all grown up and out to shoot some pool with the boys before their gig at the new rock venue!


Key Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs for Spring: Sendra Boots

Instead of work boots we chose these amazing booties by Sendra. These boots are incredibly versatile. They can be dressed up for a nice dinner out, just as easily as they can be worn to the office, or to see your favorite band.

Handmade Marsa Boots by  Sendra

Handmade Marsa Boots by Sendra

Sendra is a boot company that has made stunning, handmade boots for over a hundred years. The company began making cowboy and riding boots, and those beautiful lines are present to this day.

Some shoes have an innate vibrancy within them. They seem to be illuminated from within the very grain of the leather: these boots practically hum with that magical glow!

Final Touch for Spring Clothes

To finish off our look we added Verdier Jewelry’s perfectly edgy swarovski crystal skull pendant and paired the jeans with  a Final Touch t-shirt. This t-shirt is soft, cut just right, and really is the final touch to any outfit. Available online in four colors, this tee is a crowd favorite! Need more proof? Check out how  our friend Emily of Life With Emily is rocking hers!

Final Touch T-Shirt Verdier Swarovski Crystal Skull Necklace

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Oversized Flannel Button Down, Audrey 3+1 – $62
To a Tee-Shirt, Final Touch (available online in 4 colors!) – $20
Rose gold stacking rings, Gorjana Griffin – $78
Swarovski Rose Gold Crystal Skull, Verdier – $130
Jagged Coated Jeggings, Level 99 – $128
Marsa Handmade Boots, Sendra- $361

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, Grace for modeling, and The Lazy Diamond for the great location!

Folk Fantasies for Spring in THML

thml blouse

Bohemian Fashion and Your Spring Wardrobe

Every Minx does it: has a secret fantasy of wearing some form of peasant clothing or folk costume. We may have elaborate daydreams conceiving of opportunities, or the right shoes, that will allow us to incorporate Thai fisherman pants, Guatemalan wrap skirts, lederhosen or dirndls, comfortably into our wardrobes. The Bohemian fashion trend this Spring will make it easier for our folk fantasies to come true.

Latest Fashion Trends: A Nod to The Peasant Blouse


Luckily, one of these iconic folk items of clothing has persistently and gracefully followed the ebb and flow of the fashion currents. The peasant blouse has consistently inserted itself into the consciousness of fashion designers decade after decade. Spring 2015 will see it front and center once again, firmly updated and instep with today’s fashion wants and needs.

THML Clothing and the Embroidered Top

The peasant blouse is flirty and sophisticated in her most recent reincarnated form sprung from the minds behind THML. THML’s spring line is chalk full of flirty and sophisticated pieces that are right on point with the seasons biggest trend!

THML blouse

Key Pieces within the Fashion Canon

The all white blouse has been a fashion staple since time immemorial, and one can only imagine that its status as icon will never falter. But, sometimes a Minx needs a beautiful and feminine top with more graphic appeal than classic white.

We love this printed blouse. It really turns up the dial on edgy more than a few notches. Plus the 3/4 length sleeves and neon embroidery elevates it from a beautiful blouse to a brilliant-flattering-classy-all-around-versatile-day-to-night wardrobe save all!


One of the many reasons that we are drawn to folk clothing is that it is often enhanced with gorgeous hand work: beading, smocking or embroidery. In contrast, most modern clothing does not usually have these details. That’s why we are so happy that embroidery is a vital element of the 2015 Spring fashion trends.

THML Embroidered Blouse

We have kept with the concept of flowy top and form-fitting bottoms with this look. Last time, we paired the Navy Ark and Co. Butterfly Tunic with skinny jeans. This time we have tucked the THML blouse into a high-waisted jean by Cielos, creating a simple elegance that one could wear almost anywhere.

Shoes and Jewelry and Spring

Chelsea Crew Sandals spring

Low red heels and simple gold jewelry finish the look off. A look that is just at home at a gallery opening or a party as it will be in many work situations. It is both modern and classically feminine: this is a Spring look we can see on all you Minxes, from all your different walks of life, as you relax into this glorious Spring!

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Embroidered Graphic Blouse, THML – Sold out, but similar styles available
High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Cielo – $30
Fringe Necklace, Minx- $12
Christie Woven Sandals, Chelsea Crew- $85

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, Breigh for coming back to model, and The Lazy Diamond for the great location!



Trend Forecast for Spring: The Romantic Bohemian

Winter has, at least for a brief and wondrous spell, released us from it cold, iron grasp. Crocuses and daffodils have begun to tentatively pop their little translucent heads out of the thawing ground. The breeze is warmer and more generous, the very quality of the light shining down between the still-bare branches is full of hope.

This is the time of year to unwind winter scarves from pale necks, peel off layer after layer of sweaters. We unzip and unbutton until we can delight in the freedom of unencumbered movement. There is no time like the present to embrace the Bohemian trend that is taking over this Spring.

Romantic Bohemian Spring Fashion

Bohemian Fashion for Spring

How to Wear Bohemian Fashion

As the weather continues to warm we will be seeing a rise in Bohemian influences in fashion from the runways to the sidewalks. Airy garments with plenty of movement, embellished with embroidered details will be popping up with the same speed and vigor as the tulips in the coming months.

We recommend pairing the floaty blouses and tunics associated with this 2015 trend with skinny jeans. This creates a pleasing contrast of different volumes within the outfit.

Bohemian Fashion for Spring

A Minx will be wise to remember to delight in the play of volume while planning her outfits. Volume is just one element of how we chose our clothes. Some Minxes like only loose, flowing clothes, while others prefer tight, streamlined garments. We challenge you to pinpoint your comfort level of volume. It may inspire a fun and welcome change for your spring outfits yet to come.

Blue Butterfly Tunic, Ark & Co.

Blue Butterfly Tunic, Ark & Co.

Cute Spring Outfits: Don’t Forget the Shoes!

It is easy to automatically think of sandals when thinking of the Bohemian aesthetic. The hippies of the 1960’s and ‘70’s, the women of Gustav Klimt’s paintings, and classical Greek sculptures all influence the look and what is has come to mean to Minxes the world over. Like all Minxes that came before us we must stand up and embrace this enduring style as our own. We must mold the style to fit our time, allow the look to be worn and not to wear us.

Nicola Sandals, Chelsea Crew

Nicola Ankle Strap Sandals in Lemon-Lime, Chelsea Crew

This brilliant citrus heel by Chelsea Crew is the statement shoe to compliment the 2015 version of the Bohemian look. (Look familiar? We’re already getting tons of wear out of these! See how else we’ve styled them here!)

Embellishment:Less and More

 Just as we are seeing a subtlety coming back into jewelry trends for this year, so are we seeing a soaring amount of embroidered embellishment on blouses, dresses and tunics. It’s as if the garment itself is taking on the role of accessory and giving the accessories free license to exude understated class.

Shape Shifter Earrings

Shape Shifter Earrings

Whatever the reason may be, we are loving these two trends, how they are relating to each other, and how they are influencing the overall look of fashion for 2015!

Find most of this look in our online store!

Blue Butterfly Tunic, Ark & Co. – $69
Shape Shifter Earrings, Minx – $12
High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Cielo – $30 (available in-store)
Nicola Ankle Strap Sandals, Chelsea Crew – $64

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of  Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, and Grace for modeling! 

Trend Forecast: Nautical Fashion For Spring

Call Me Ishmael: Setting out to Procure a Spring Wardrobe

Nautical Fashion for Spring

The restlessness of the late winter and early spring feels akin to that of the sailor for hire. Ishmael, when he felt that he needed a change, a cleansing of his soul, went to sea.

This powerful, symbiotic relationship between the sea and the land is ancient and deeply ingrained in the human heart and mind. Time and time again we are drawn to the adventure of the sea and every trapping that it offers us: from the promise of new horizons to the amazing historical lineage of nautical fashion.

Thankfully, nautical fashion is right instep with 2015 Spring trends. It is showing up in many collections, Michael Kors and Sacai just to name a few. Many designers and stylists are embracing rope detailing, double breasted jackets and sailor stripes.

We love the nautical look for it combines the classic beauty of its traditional silhouettes and patterns with its equally as strong tradition of function. The cloths of sailors were made to be durable and functional and it just so happens that they were also created with a lasting visual appeal.

Double Breasted is the Bested for Spring Fashion

We have chosen an olive green double breasted jacket that is reminiscent of the iconic peacoat. Peacoats were given a double breasted front to keep out the winds of the high seas, and a slim fit to allow optimal mobility when climbing the rigging. Like the peacoat of yore, our jacket is just as good as keeping out the March winds.

Olive Green, Double Breasted Jacket, The Hanger

The Pants

Most sailor pants through time were cut loose enough in the leg so that they could easily be rolled up in order to scrub the decks. We have chosen a slimmer leg and an alternate activity to do while wearing them: perhaps combing the seashore for shells or going to the farmers market. We love these high waisted, cinch-waist jeans. They are just the right mix of casual and fashionable.

Light Denim, Paperbag Pants, The Hanger, Spring fashion

Paper or Plastic Pants, The Hanger

Stripes and Shirts

Striped, Sailor, Top, The Hanger

Sandstorm Top

 Let us not forget stripes! The classic look of the striped sailor short came about in the early 1800’s so navel crews could easily spot sailors who had fallen overboard. Nice to know that stripes are not only fashionable, but a safety measure as well. Perhaps a good pattern to wear on large field trips or to an unknown dance club. Note the beautiful detail in our shirt as the stripes change direction from the main body to the sleeves.

Lastly, Key Pieces: Shoes and Jewelry

Check out these beautiful coral flats by Chelsea Crew. The T-strap, delicate ankle-strap, and perforated toe box, combined with the lush color are perfect examples of the attention to details that Chelsea Crew offers us shoe after beautiful shoe.

Chelsea Crew, Red, Albino, Sandals

Chelsea Crew Albino Sandals

Right on trend for spring 2015, we chose thin gold jewelry to accent our look. The understated pieces keep the look fresh and unencumbered while still gilding it with the perfect amount of magic.

Delicate Gold Jewelry

To your stations Minxes, we are ready to set sail!

 Find parts of this look online and the rest in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Sandstorm Top, The Hanger – $44
Double Breasted Jacket, The Hanger – $102
Paper or Plastic Pants, The Hanger– $50
Forward and Backward Cuff, Marcia Moran- $177
Faceted Oval Necklace, Minx- $17
Albino Sandals, Chelsea Crew – $79

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, Breigh for coming back to model.


Opposites Attract in Our Eco Chic Maxi Dress and Frye Boots

This outfit is fraught with opposing forces, but therein lies its beauty. While styling this look we found it had an amazing amount of inherent kinetic energy. It is a romantic and very pretty look, but don’t let the soft feminine movement of the outfit overshadow the artistic power that lies just beneath its surface.

Eco Chic Maxi Dress, Frye Boots

The Eco-Chic Maxi Dress

The dress is long but made out of the lightest of fabrics. It’s structured, but it’s sheer.

The play between the sea green and black in the fabric’s pattern is reminiscent of the expressive brush strokes in a modernist painting or Chinese calligraphy. The lines slashing across the fabric, creating a vivid and energetic conversation between colors.

Sheer Maxi Dress, Tall Frye Boots

The boots are tall, constructed with high end leather, the seams raw, a large exposed zipper boldly positioned at the inner ankle, but worn over a bare leg.

The face of the model is clean and fresh, hair worn pulled back from the face, but a bold, red pop of color accentuates her lip.

Let Us Feast Our Eyes!

The look is a delicately balanced landscape, it brings to mind Ezra Pound’s poem:

L’ART, 1910

Green arsenic smeared on an egg-white cloth.

Crushed strawberries! Come, let us feast our eyes.

The Frye Company

We love this tall brown boot. It has a classic, clean look that can easily be paired with many different looks. Paired with the sheer maxi dress it give a nod to Stevie Nix!

Leslie Tall Boots Frye

Leslie Artisan Tall Boots, Frye

Somehow Frye has managed to build its line of shoes and boots in what appears to be an always evolving arch of effortless growth. The Frye company stands proudly behind a line that not only delivers everything that a Minx could ask for in the staples of footwear, but enthusiastically continues to be on point with the latest fashion trends year after year. This is not an easy task: to balance classic and trend. If you are looking for a line with these abilities look no further than Frye.

The Sheer Maxi Dress

We will be seeing a lot of sheer blouses and dresses this season. Some of them will have a clearer way to be worn, as with this sheer maxi dress, but many will be very versatile. Keep an eye out for sheer shirt dresses that can be worn open as dusters in a layered look, as tunics, or a dresses in their own right.

Eco-Chic Maxi Dress

Add a Pop of Color

Both makeup and jewelry are laying low in this look, as well as in this season’s trends at large. Jewelry is saying more with less for the moment, and makeup can best be summed up with the idea of a pop of bold romantic color on the lips.

Eco Chic Maxi Dress

Fun mission for Spring 2015: go out foraging for a new vibrant shade for your Minxy mouth!

Find the boots in our downtown Asheville boutique and the dress in our online store!

Eco-Chic Maxi Dress, Beautifully – $54 
Half Moon Studs, Gorjana Griffin – $40
Leslie Artisan Tall Boots, Frye – $457

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of  Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, and Grace for modeling!