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Summer Inspiration: piles of fashion magazines

There’s nothing like an anticipated summer trip to make me go magazine CRAZY. I have been known to go to Barnes & Noble and buy nearly one of every fashion mag on the shelf. Throw in a bridal magazine, a few home decors, maybe a music zine or two and (saved only for the boring confines of an airplane) People or US Weekly. It’s a fun way to pass the time – be it crammed into row 17C or lounging pool side.

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Summer Inspiration: new makeup!

On a recent buying trip, three Minx buyers took a jaunt through Sephora.

All three of us fell in love with the following products –

Nars blush in Orgasm – This one is not much of a secret. It’s the perfect peachy-pink for a natural glow…

Dior Show Mascara – Is there anything more perfect than this rose-scented, easy-on-the-eye lash lengthener? We think not. This wonderful stuff actually leaves your eye lashes feeling conditioned after a day of use. Not dry and brittle like many mascaras.

YSL Volupte Lipstick – Easily the best feeling lipstick I have ever owned. I kid you not when I say that I am in the process of collecting at least 6 or 7 of these babies. Not cheap but worth every penny. Rebeccah and I both bought #23. An easy wear-everyday color… but check out the hot pink, berry, and nude.

Sephora brand liquid liner in gold – The brush is super thin and precise and the color is at once Ziggy Stardust and bronzed summer goddess! All of that and it’s only $12…




Too Faced Natural Eye Kit – If I could only use one product for the rest of my days, this would be it, hands down. You can create the most subtle romantic eye or even delve into the realm of a smokey dramatic look with just this one product. It really has everything you need.


Do you have a favorite product that you can’t live without, or a new make up tid-bit? Let us know what it is! We are always on the hunt for something new and amazing. xo

Joti’s NYFW Fall 2011 Picks

New York Fashion Week’s fall ’11 runways were a fantasy land of longer hems, colorful prints, loose trousers, braids and boots. The following are some of my favorite looks. Notice there is a Rachel Roy look in each group… It has been ages since I’ve seen a line during fashion week so chock full of my absolute favorite outfits.  I would own every last stitch… if my pocket-book and lifestyle allowed such an extravagance.  I came close to feeling the same with Rodarte, too. When the New York fashion set do it right, they do it so very very “wear it now – I want that in my closet – and No, I can’t wait.“

Separates – the trouser

Loving the relaxed trouser for fall. Colorful and printed, with booties or flats and a chunky sweater, they feel fresh and just a little bit irreverent in a… “Yes these might be house pants… but damn nice ones!”

1) Jenny Kayne  2) Steven Allen  3) Rachel Roy

Separates – skirts and fur

A day look with a bit of fur just makes me smile. I love a relaxed, not trying too hard type of glamour.  There’s something for me about layering it on… prints, stripes, tights, knit wear, boots et voila a skirted day look that feels both put together and genuinely inspired!

1)Rebecca Minkoff  2) Rachel Roy  3) Alice +Olivia

Dresses – day/full skirt

Anyone who knows me knows my closet doth overflow with this sort of dress. So you can imagine my delight at seeing this classic silhouette on so many runways for fall. Whether styled with little socks and heels or this new and somewhat perplexing hiking boot as fashion (Asheville was way ahead of the curve on that one folks!) … it really is just easy to wear.

1)Rachel Roy  2) Karen Walker  3) Tibi

Dresses – evening/maxi

I love a good maxi dress and there is no arguing that this utterly femme and slightly dramatic trend is sticking around for quite a while. Make it a heart stopping evening number or a booted and crop sweatered day-piece:  a maxi can cover a lot of territory!

1)Rachel Roy  2)Rodarte  3)Luca Luca

Adopt a onesie: 2 sale racks and a table!

Just for fun, we threw together 2 juicy sale racks and a table piled high with glorious denim – and everything is 50% off. Often our best sellers almost sell out and one little friend gets left behind, over looked in the sea of new goodies that are always streaming into Minx like the never-ending tide. Imagine how lonely they must feel.

You know… for fun!

Playtime, Cats in Human Situation, Playing Jump Rope with a Vintage Victorian Doll by Beverlykahuna.

Also, you gotta check out the new ADA belts. Colors to die for including mustard, olive, black, coral, magenta, distressed gold and silver. Love.

New Shipments!!

Deepa Gurnani headbands – Hand made by artisans in India… these head bands are fantastic. The elastic is not too tight and the selection we have is stunning. Anything from sparkly flapper to 70’s boho. You must come try one on! ($40-$60)

Deepa Gurnani Beveled beaded hairbandDeepa Gurnani Beveled beaded hairband

Lenora Dame jewelry – A lovely new line for us. Beautiful lockets, jeweled earrings, and burnished brass pieces. Lenora hails from Chester County PA, where she resides with her husband and two children.

Bloom Boom Boom – These thin little socks are to die for. Bright green, slate, cherry red… Think booties with just a touch of color coming up over the edge. Or full on nouveau 80’s with a sweet pair of heels. The leggings are great too. Thin, colorful, we can’t get enough of them. ($9-$23)

We also brought more than a few arm loads of amazing sweaters, party dresses, and flirty skirts down from upstairs. All that good, well priced stuff that sells out in a weekend. Don’t let all our pretty new stuff pass you by…

Oh and… the sale rack is back!! Stuffed full of a bunch of our best sellers that just had one odd size laying around or those luxe goodies that were a smige too pricey or fashion forward.

New Shipments!

An amazing amount of Tano has come in since I last posted. Wallets in every amazing yummy color, large cozy bags, small messengers… just beautiful. And they lowered their prices a bit! Most of the new bags are under 200!

Tano Native Tongue cross-body bag

Affordable jewelry! Statement necklaces, bangles, and chunky colorful earrings… all priced to sell between $12 and $30.

Wraps and colorful scarves around $20.

Stunning show stopping French Connection dresses. Perfect little black dresses, colorful 1 shoulder numbers and the most amazing white tuxedo jacket.

The store is packed and full of everything you could possibly need to add the finishing touches or missing elements to your fall/winter wardrobe! Or to find that perfect show stopper for your next special event.  Don’t forget the holidays are right around the corner… find gifts for your loved ones, start a Minx wish list with us, or just indulge in something pretty to wear to a party or even brunch! We love to help you find what you need so call us to set up a personal consultation or just stop by and see what we can do for you! Treat yourself.

New Shipments!!

Gearing up for one of our massive 15 plus box deliveries later in the week I thought we wouldn’t get much else in. Boy was I wrong.

By Boe – Our largest shipment from them in Minx history. We have all their threaders in every shape and style. A bunch or beautiful rings and statement earrings… It’s really a lovely haul!

Golden Age Necklace (152)Foldover Ring (MR10)Single Leather Band (r24 wine)Reminder Bow Ring (R22)Flower Earrings (e228)Split Circle Threader (e205)Wire Arc Earring (e14)Half Moon Threader (e197)Twist Arc Earrings (e56)

Verdier Contemporary – A good friend of mine out of Atlanta re-envisions antique findings into cool modern jewelry. This is the debut of her lower-end/affordable line and… it doesn’t look that way! Giant brass cuffs, beautifully scripty earrings… to die for!

Paige Premium Denim – A pair of high waisted slim leg jeans. Always a best seller round here.

Divine Rights – Skinny navy cords made by Level 99 but at a lower price point!

Ernest Sewn – Black Harlan skinnies (always a favorite… in fact I NEVER wear skinny jeans and I have a pair that… I love. I really do.) and a pair of perfectly faded, soft as flannel, Decca straight legs.

large product image

Tulle – I put out the rest of the amazing coats from last weeks shipments. This might be the end of coat deliveries for the season! If you need a coat now’s the time.

Poketo – Amazing graphic T-shirts designed by artists and brought to you by this uber cool small company.

Mary Ink – Another graphic T company but this time out of Nashville and all hand screened. Perfect layering pieces for under all your Kersh cardigans!

Organic T-Shirt- HillsFerris Wheel T-shirt Size LOrganic T-shirt- Woodland Cottage Design

Shae – One perfect nubby Chanel-esque sweater in a rose, cream, brown and chartreuse mix.

The Sak – One lager messenger in the most stunning deep sea blue and 2 perfect wallets, pewter and navy.

Stripy scarves in pink, navy, black, and blue