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Janelle Monae! Lord have mercy on me…..


Bringing back style and character, Janelle Monae is like the girl of the Outkast gang.  I adore her and her unbelievably awesome hair!

She also has a way with a polished androgynous tux look that is fantastic on such a small frame, so cute!!  And her self-started label is called “The Wondaland Arts Society.”  Go check her out and fall in love.

We actually have the perfect French Connection dress in the store to go and hang with Janelle, though you will be a bit more girly.


Natasha Khan is Bat for Lashes

The fashionable and beautiful Natasha Khan has a very palatable mysterious edginess.  She is so “hip”  that you might think you saw her in an urban outfitters, but that somehow doesn’t diminish her actual stylishness.  Her band, “Bat for Lashes”  fills out her songs in the same fashion and the consistency is what really impresses me.



Oh dude! Do you know about Seth Kauffman’s infectious melodies?  Do you know about his talented band? Do you know about the new album “Floating Action” and how awesome it is?  If you don’t you better mark May 30th on your calender, and then on that day, head down to the Grey Eagle. Of course you should come early to hear Fox-Teeth (Joti, Tyler and me!).


Come by the store if you need help choosing your outfit for this special social event. What do I think would look nice in the home away from home feel of the Grey Eagle? A snazzy new pair of JEANS!!  We have so many different cuts from Blank, Earnest Sewn, Level 99 and Paige, I am sure we have the perfect fit for anyone!

Lykki Li is so very cute!

This young hip Swede is perfect pop material.


You are gonna need a pair of elegant flats from London Sole (on the floor soon, $$$).  We only have a few sizes, but they will definitely help you, “Dance, Dance Dance.”  Pair them with an oversized T ($33) from Alt. Apparel for the perfect flash dance look that Lykki makes so cool.


Billie Holiday and her perfect accessory


A beautiful fresh gardenia situated in perfectly coiffed hair can make a huge statement.  Any fresh flower, especially as adornment for a contrasting hair color can make such an amazing impression. Look how Billie seems effortlessly glamorous, yet so natural.

When a fresh flower is out of the question, but you still want to make that lasting impression try one of our new Heather B NYC feather headbands ($34).

headbands021 headbands101

Bringing Cobra Horse’s style to the masses…oh wait! it is the style of the masses

Cobra Horse is a band that can’t be beat: local, ridiculous, pretty darn good, and All-American!!


It is so easy to dress like a rockstar, I thought I might make it even easier.  A pair of comfy grey straight legged Blank Jeans ($62) and a white Alt apparel top ($22).  If you add a ripping guitar solo, a couple of purposeful dance moves and any sort of glasses, you might just find yourself in a totally hip band.


Check out Lydia See’s photos and music reviews to catch more of Cobra Horse in action (

Canadian shout out!

You may not know this, but the woman behind our beloved Minx is from Toronto!!  Yup, that’s right, Rebeccah is Canadian,  and her northern style definitely comes through in the clothes that she picks for the store.

On Saturday, a little Minx gang went to hear the Great Lake Swimmers at the Grey Eagle (a, you guessed it, Canadian band), planning of course, to wear our cashmere PJs and warms slippers, sipping hot cocoa while listening to their lullaby-esque melodies. Well, we didn’t quite get the guts to wear PJ’s out on a saturday night, but we did sit on the dusty floor, front row.


I thought I might share a perfect outfit to accompany a Great Lake Swimmers’ moment.


Pull on these perfect shorty Frye boots (We just got them in and we have a VERY small size run! – $225) and a light blue and black plaid tunic from Piko (We have one large left in this color-way… but we also have the same shirt in a lovely dove grey and black – $57) over some Niki Biki ($12) leggings. Our version of pajamas in public… or just pull this quilt off the bed and snuggle on the couch with Canadian songs ringing in your ears.