We are loving our latest batch of soft silk-screened tees by indie designer, Supermaggie. This long-sleeved chickadee tee is an instant favorite worn simply with jeans or cords, but look at how much fun you can have by layering it with a playful cardigan and colorful accessories.

Ruby over-dyed narrow boot jeans in turquoise, Red Engine – $157
bird print long-sleeved tee, Supermaggie – $41
black and white cardigan, Love Tree – $27
beaded necklace with coral inlaid clasp, Vanessa Mooney – 159
yellow satin Hydrangea heels, Seychelles – $93
red leather shoulder bag, Tano – $219

Special thanks to Breanna Wright, our lovely guest model; Guadalupe Chavarria, hairstyling; and Paola Nazati, photography.