Halston & American fashion

Halston & models in 1977

Halston, one of the first, truly American designers.  How much more American can you get when you’re born in Des Moines, Iowa and you spend your childhood creating hats and altering clothes for your mother and sister!

First known as the head milliner of Bergdorf Goodman, Halston designed the iconic pillbox hat that Jackie Kennedy wore to the 1961 presidential inauguration.  His hats quickly became the height of fashion and so Halston set his sights on the rest of the body: dresses, pants, coats, caftans.  Simplicity and minimalism were the trademarks of his designs.  With his line, Halston created the first American, ready-to-wear luxury brand and turned the fashionable American woman’s attention away from Paris copies to his own clean, simple, glamorous, elegant, sexy, purely American wardrobe.

The draped jersey sheath, the ultrasuede jacket, the shirtdress, wide legged pants, silk caftans, one-shouldered gowns – all of these we owe to Halston’s vision.  Halston himself said that “Fashion starts with fashionable people,” and throughout the 60s and 70s, Halston was surrounded by them, dressing some of the most glamourous women:  Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall, Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, Liza Minnelli…  And the list continues today with Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate all being spotted in vintage Halston.

So what do we have at Minx that can give you the Halston look?  We’ve got jersey dresses for days at both locations (most around $39) as well as fabulous jersey jumpsuits in a variety of colors and lengths ($42 – $53).  Top your look off with a long necklace and a fabulous Moo Moo suede clutch ($131) (with a perfectly seventies detail in its fringed zipper pull) in the most beautiful spring colors.  After all, Halston may be vintage but his look never goes out of style!

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