One Strong Statement

We absolutely love the funkiness of this outfit! It’s one of those looks that your friends will say: “You look so cute, I could never pull that off.” But everyone can!

Renee C Neon Dream Maxi

This Renee C neon skirt is a stand-out piece on its own, but when paired with a cool graphic print top and a statement cardigan and earrings… you’ve created something completely unique.

Renee C Neon Dream Maxi Renee C Neon Dream MaxiGrace is styled with a bold lip AND top knot, too. All these strong looks are usually not seen together, but we adore the outcome! Sometimes a risk is totally worth it.
Renee C Neon Dream MaxiWhat are your favorite bold pieces to pair?

This look is available partly in our downtown Asheville Boutique, and partly online!

Sweet Rain Blue Hand Back Zip – $26
Mary-Kate Kimono Cardi – $63
Renee C Neon Dream Maxi Skirt – $36
Dolce Vita “Shandy” Shoe – $172
Lenora Dame Statement Ear – $37

Thanks to Grace for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography.

…And She Lived Happily Ever After

The time has come, our Minx storybook is in the final chapter. As with all fairytales though, this one has a beautiful ending…Leota Dress Our Minx has wandered through tall forests and fallen down the rabbit hole, she’s been the queen of the jungle and the belle of the ball. There was no outfit too crazy, and no adventure too big. leota dress

While the end is near, this Minx knows that one ending brings a new beginning…and she is simply blooming.

leotaThis Leota dress is an instant classic. The combination of material and cut make for a flawless fit. It’s a go-to for so many of life’s occasions.
leota dress

We’re so glad you joined us in these beautiful daydreams! We’re sad to close the storybook… but we know there are even better things to come. Where will the beginning of your next ending take you?

This look is available entirely in our downtown Asheville Boutique.

Leota Nouveau Sheath Dress – $137
Julie Voss “Eve Statement Cuff” – $197
Re-mix “Lillie” shoe – $185
Knuckle Rings (multiple varieties available in store) – $12

Thanks to Michelle for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography.

A Polished Fairytale

So far in our dreamy saga we’ve embraced our wanderlust. Like they say, “Not all who wander are lost” but, what about when you DO have a direction? Line & Dot Navy Trench This Minx is ready for a job interview, or an important pitch. The ensemble is serious enough for the “real world” but is stylish enough to stand out from the crowd!Line & Dot Navy Trench And we just can’t get enough of BAGGU here at Minx HQ! The canary yellow leather tote is just the pop of color this pretty and polished ensemble needed. Line & Dot Navy Trench Line & Dot Navy Trench

As all stylish women know, a classically cut trench coat is a wardrobe staple. With this beautiful piece from Line & Dot, you’ll be dressed for the occasion, no matter where life leads you!

This look is available in our downtown Asheville Boutique, and you can find the bag online!

The Hanger Open Back Stripe Midi Dress– $35
Line & Dot Navy Trench Jacket – $131
Yellow Baggu Tote – $160
David Aubrey Feather Drop Necklace– $75
Remix Dahlia Shoe – $173

Thanks to Grace for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography.


Best of our Boards: Forest Green

Best of our Boards- Forest Green (1)

1.  This song brings us back to childhood…we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! The Village Green Preservation Society via The Kinks  

2. Okay, we aren’t surfers. But we couldn’t stop staring at this photograph! Waves for days.  Surfers Checking Out The Waves via Indie Paradise 

3. Our mouths literally started watering looking at this yummy recipe! A perfect end of summer meal! Super Powered Tomato + Basil Collard Wraps via The First Mess 

4. Are you as obsessed with beautiful bathrooms as much as we are? These are some of the best we’ve seen. Gallery of Bathrooms via El Fenn

5. This is a few years old, but we’re still dying over how beautiful this campaign is! Drew Barrymore “Art of Fashion” campaign via Fashion Gone Rogue 

To see more links that are inspiring us, follow our Pinterest Boards-



By the stroke of Midnight…

Forget talking mice and magic pumpkin carriages! A Minx creates her own luck. An ethereal ensemble comes together effortlessly this Monday…no fairy godmother necessary.
Maxi Tulle JacketThe open back of this maxi assures you’ll be remembered long after your night ends, without needing to “accidentally” leave behind a glass slipper (or any of these)!

Maxi Tulle Jacket The sheer material makes this silhouette a little more interesting and unexpected…just like the Minx who’s wearing it! Maxi Tulle Jacket Maxi Tulle Jacket Another great option? Edge out the look with a military style jacket. Perfect for transitioning to fall, and making sure you don’t get too chilly after the ball ; ) Maxi Tulle Jacket

If we had three wishes…this look would be one of them! Where will you bring your fashion dreams to life?

Michelle’s outfit is available on our online store. Come try the necklace and shoes on in our brick and mortar store!

Maxi Million Dress in Sorbet – $53
Military Jacket in Olive – $97
Chain Necklace – $261
Stalworth Shoes – $150

Thanks to Michelle for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography.

Little Red Maxi Dress

Usually you associate dreamlands with clouds, but our fairytale has brought us to a mystical forest this Friday. Don’t worry… we aren’t scared of the Big Bad Wolf!
Gingham Dress

This Little Red Riding Hood  Maxi Dress is the perfect mix of elegant and casual. And paired with this cream sweater, it’s versatile too. Whether frolicking through the woods, or taking an enchanted walk around downtown– Grace is ready for all of life’s adventures. Gingham Dress Gingham Dress As we’ve said before, don’t be afraid to challenge the conventional. Big rubber boots, and a high slit dress? This Minx loves them together! The pairing is perfectly unexpected. Gingham Dress

“What a big necklace you have!” “All the better to accessorize with” said the Minx.

This look is available entirely in our downtown Asheville Boutique.

Line & Dot Red Plaid Dress – $131
Comme Toi Solid Knit Sweater – $51
Elephant Chain Necklace – $157
Square Chain Bracelet – $181
Hunter Rain Boots – model’s own (come check out our Women’s Wellies)

Thanks to Grace for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography.


Down the Rabbit Hole…

Chapter three of our fairytale has carried us down the rabbit hole to a beautifully unique place filled with flowers, macaroons, and mystical frocks… (can we stay forever?).


Grace’s nails match perfectly with this whimsical ensemble. Add the white collar and baby blue buttons on the dress…and we must be dreaming. 




While this Minx looks to have stumbled into a fairytale land down a rabbit hole, she is actually in a place not so far away.


This look doesn’t have to stay in your imagination…where will you bring it to life?

Grace’s dreamy ensemble is available entirely on our online store.

Savanna Nights Dress – $68
Triple Scoop Stud Earrings – $12
Jenny Jane T-Strap in Midnight Blue – $57